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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

Jerkoff For My Flip Flops

I have made you wait so long for another flip flop clip. It's only because I was waiting for warm weather, ya know, flip flop weather. Finally it's here and I've been wearing them and they have some really nice foot and toe indentions in them. There just they way you like them. I know that you love My feet and I'll make sure you get to see them but, we both know that your true love is My worn flip flops. You can't wait to jerkoff for them can you? I can't wait either so, let's get to it. Stroke that cock and make a big ole cummy mess on My flip flops.

Getting Owned By Boss Feet

I was having some trouble getting one of My outlets to work so, I called you in to help. You completed the task but remained on the floor. I inquire as to why and you compliment My new high heels before asking if you could slide your hands across My legs. Do you think it's appropriate for you to be asking your boss that? Get the fuck out of here. But... you stay. You know that you can be fired for this. right? Get up. What are you doing? It's like you are in some sort of trance. Why are you touching yourself? I'm just dangloing My shoe. Are you that turned on by it? I should be mad and fire you but, I've got another idea. I'll give you what you want then you'll have give Me what I want, in order to protect your job. Watch and see how you get owned by the end of this clip.

Stroke For Wrinkled Soles

Oh those wrinkled soles. They're your weakness, aren't they footboy? If the devil is in the details then your going to Hell after watching this amazingly crisp and clear video of your favorite indulgence. I'll bet your cock is hard already. Are you ready to stroke for these wrinkled soles. you know that if you stroke and cum for them you will be brought even deeper beneath they're control. They already own your cock. They have for years yet, your commitment to them will become even stronger with every stroke and every load you spill for them.

This Could Have Been you

you are always missing your opportunities. This footboy didn't though. He was not about to miss his chance to worship and smell My stinky feet. This could have been you. I know you wish you were My footboy in this video!

Cum For StepMommy's Stinky Feet

On the floor like a good boy. Right where I like you. I know that you have been looking through My dirty laundry trying to find My stinky socks. Well, today StepMommy has a special surprise for you. Straight from the source. Stinky socks and sweaty feet fresh from My shoes. How does that sound? Go ahead and come in close and get yourself a whiff. Then, I'll take them off and put them in your face. your so hard now. Wanna masturbate while you sniff StepMommy's stinky feet? I know that you do.

Resist The Urge To Cum

I know as soon as you see My perfect feet on the screen you want to just bust a nut as fast as you can. Resist the urge to cum so fast. I want you to make it all the way to the end of the video. I'm not going to make it easy for you though. I'll instruct your slow stroking and edging. Of course, there will be edging. You love the way you get all jittery when your about to cum for My feet. I want you to hold that feeling while I put on an erotic, seductive, non-stop foot tease. Sultry, sexy and ever so controlling, My feet will completely captivate you. I'll be surprised if you make it to the end. But I want you to so that I can encourage you to give Me all of your cum, from the balls that I own, for My perfect MILF feet.

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Foot Perfection Adorned

They're still perfect and they're still your favorite feet. Every now and again, though, I feel like I should make a clip that really feetures that perfection just to remind you. No talking to distract you from great angles of what you cum to Me to see. Today My feet are adorned with several toe rings. I also have anklets on both ankles. You'll get to enjoy the tops of My feet that really show off that perfect bone structure and veins. What respectable foot clip wouldn't also show the sole perfection and My long tasty toes so... you get that, too. I know how to take care of your foot cravings. That's why you've been cumming to Me for so many years.

Jerk Off For Foot Perfection

Hey footboy. Do ya have a hard cock and a foot craving. Well, I've got what you need today. Two perfect feet with soft soles and ten perfect toes. you know them because you love them and you have for years. I know that you need to release the beast and jerkoff your throbbing cock for Me and My perfect feet. What are you waiting for. Let's get started. Give Me those long, slow strokes that I love. We're in no hurry. I want you to make it to the end of the video before you lose your load all over My sexy soles.

StepMom's Soles Send You Off

Well it's time for you to head back to school. What a summer it has been. We've grown very close since we started all of the foot play and jerking off for My feet. You've become the best foot worshipper that I have ever had. I say we give it one more round before you have to leave. It's going to be a while before you get to do this again. Maybe you'll find a girl with nice feet when you get to your dorm but, nobody will ever satisfy your foot fetish like StepMommy does. I really want your cum all over My soft soles. I can hardly wait to taste it again. Are you ready to cum so very hard for StepMommy's feet one more time?

Soft Soles And White Painted Toes

Silky soft soles, white painted toes and a sweet MILF ass are on display for your jerking fun today. I'm not saying that you have to jerkoff but, we both know that you are going to. No talking though. Nothing to interrupt your "happy time". You'll get My feet from different angles and you'll see plenty of My sexy toes in white polish. hmmm. I wonder if you could add some of your white jizz to those toes.

Specific Instructions

Let's make it last today. It's going to be too good to end quickly. I know what you want to see but, there's something I want too. So, I'll tell you what... you show Me yours and I'll show you mine. I want to see your big hard cock and in return I'll show you My feet. It's been a long time since I got to watch you masturbate for Me and, well, I love to watch. Pull it out and I'll show you the perfect MILF feet that you are craving. Today, I'll give you specific instructions on how I want you to play with your cock and balls for Me. I'll have you visualize sucking My toes and licking My soles while you masturbate exactly the way I want you to. Specific hand and hand position to use and when to switch hands, when and how to rub the head and when to stop. I'll have you edge several times, bounce your cock, stroke some more and when you finally get to cum I'll make you stop touching it and ruin your own orgasm for Me. you'll love the way it feels and the way I leave you feeling when we are finished today.

Stirrups And Red Heels

Just some foot related eye candy for ya. Stirrup nylons and shiny red platform heels teasing you without words. Just kick back, relax and enjoy looking at the sexy feet in heels on your screen.

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Sole Perfect For Stroking To

Sexy, shiny soles. your cock is hard already. We both know that you are going to masturbate. I don't need to tell you how. you know what you're doing. Of course, I still can't resist giving you some encouragement along the way while I show off all of this foot perfection. Several position and views to make sure that you get all of the feet, soles and toes that you need to keep your cock hard. I'll even make sure to provide some gratuitous booty shots for you. When we're both ready, a little cum encouragement will get you over the edge.

Completely Owned By My Soles

Now you know that as soon as I put my feet up on this table in My cute little peep toe high heels that's going to be it for you. you already have it bad for My feet with those perfect soft soles and that Angel kiss. you're already addicted but, by the end of this clip, you will be completely owned by My soles. Are you ready to stroke that big, beautiful cock for My soles? My words will drill into your mind as you stare at My foot perfection. you'll stroke to cock to My words and to My soles until you'll have a massive eruption of cum for My feet. In the end, you will be a total mess for Me and completely owned by My soles.

My Favorite Dessert

footboy comes in to find that I'm on the table serving up his favorite dessert, My perfect feet! he worships them, confessing how much he loves them. Afterwards he has to give My feet what they really want. you know what that is, a good foot fucking followed by something hot and creamy for My soles.

Cover My Soles In Cum

Oh My horny little footboy. These perfect soles make you so hard. you dream daily of having the chance to feel them sliding up and down on your hard cock. Today you get to live your dream out, virtually, as I am going to give a POV footjob to My favorite ejaculating dildo. It'll be like I'm working your hard cock into a frenzy until you deliver a massive load of cum on My soles. Sexy, perfect soles, lots of 'cum' and a fulfilled fantasy in the end. My feet are so fucking good at this that even My toy couldn't make it all the way through the countdown. I doubt you will either.

A Sucker For My Feet

you're such a sucker for My feet. The proof is in My inbox. Everytime I post a new foot clip, I see you bought it. My feet completely own you. Say it out loud. I want to hear it. Say out loud that My feet rule your world. Tell Me how much you crave these perfect soles. you're going to jerk off, aren't you. It's because that first glimpse of My feet got you so fucking hard... knowing that you were going to have My feet on your screen, right in front of you. Reach out and touch them. Bend over put your tongue between My toes. I can tell you like it because you are stroking faster. you have found yourself in a position of foot submission that you can't get yourself out of. Embrace it. Gaze upon My soles and tell Me how badly you want to cum for My feet. Stroke it faster and jizz on My soles.

Stroke For StepMom's Stinky Socks

StepMom's stinky socks have a hold on you don't they. you're so addicted. Every since that first time I caught you going through My laundry you've been hooked. What are you waiting for? Get those clothes off and jerk that hard cock for StepMom's dirty socks and stinky feet. That's what you want to do, isn't it? Will you cum for StepMommy's feet?

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