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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

Satisfy My Craving For Cum

I've been waiting for you. I have this really strong craving today. Do you know what it is? I have a really strong craving to feel your cum all over My feet. I don't know why it's that way today but, you are going to give it to Me. I know you will give Me whatever I want because your craving for My feet is just a strong as My cum craving. Start stroking for Me. We are going to take our time and really build up that load. Lots of mesmerizing talk, foot teasing, feet joi, sexy soles and, of course, a bunch of cum encouragement. Afterall, the cum is what I want today.

Showing Off My New Heels

I think you are going to really like these new heels I just got. I do. They're pink, clear on the sides and super sexy. I'll show them off for you today with a little high heel foot tease. I'll make sure that you see them from different angles, up close and a bit farther back. I'll even dangle them a bit for you. You're going to love them.

Stroke For Crossed Soles Perfection

Checking everyday to see if a released a new crossed soles clip. Damn, that addiction to My soles is strong. Well, here it is. you have waited so patiently, unable to jerk off or cum, until you had your only fetish trigger before you. Those balls are so full and that cock is so hard. It needs to be teased with crossed soles perfection while you stroke to My instructions. I know you're ready to cum so hard for these crossed MILF soles.

Slowly Taking Your Cum With Feet

Two pretty feet for you today. I know you love to jerkoff for My feet. That is what you are going to do for Me today, aren't you. Of course you are. you know that I love it when you nut for My feet. I've given us plenty of time to enjoy the experience today. We won't be getting in any rush. you are going to enjoy every minute with the pretty MILF feet that have owned you for so long. Stroke slowly to My instructions. I don't want you to cum until the end, after you have thoroughly savored every sexy second with the foot perfection on display before you.

Completely Owned

How hard is your dick? We both know you are an addict for My perfect feet. I want you stroking your cock slowly for Me. I know everything that turns you on and I'll tease you with all of it today. It's so easy to control you with my feet. I'll lick My soles and remind you about the time you could have met up with Me but, you missed the opportunity. I'm not going to let you forget about that. mmm they taste so good. That could have been your tongue. I'll drool spit onto My feet. That's one of your weaknesses. Don't you wish you could lick it up for Me. Stroke it faster while you lust for My soft soles. I want a big load of cum from you. I know that I will get it from you. I always get it from you. I own you. I have owned you for years. There is no escape. I have taken up permanent residence in your brain.

It's your Lucky Day

I have received so many request from My fans to do a blowjob, handjob or footjob video. Well, it's your lucky day because in this clip, I do all three! I know that this clip is what you have been begging Me for. Let Me know how much you like it. Just maybe, I'll do more requests like this one.

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Humiliating A Pathetic footbitch

Come here you pathetic little bitch. I'm talking to you. Get on your hands and knees and crawl your loser ass over here. I've got feet that are just perfect for a pathetic little footbitch like you. Smell them. you like that nasty, sweaty, stinky fucking smell, don't you. Good because you, being the footbitch that you are, will be giving them a thorough tongue bath today. I'll be humiliating you with My sweaty socks and smelly feet while you do your work. Verbal humiliation is on My agenda today. you know that is what you deserve. Now, be a good little footbitch.

Stroking Under My Dangling Heels

Are you ready to stroke your cock for My dangling heels. I know you are so, let's get started. Get that hard cock in your hand and start stroking. Do not take your eyes off of those dangling heels. I'll take care of the tease and the stroking instructions. you only have to follow along and take it all in. Don't cum too quickly from the heel barely hanging from My toes or from those sexy arches. you can cum when I say. I promise it will be quick with plenty of encouragement.

My Feet Are What You Need

These are difficult times. By that I mean it has been difficult to find and satisfy all of the cravings in your life. Today, I'm going to take care of your biggest craving. I have what you really need. These two perfect MILF feet are exactly what you crave. you always have. They have owned your cock for so long and today they are going to stisfy your craving and give you a realease. Several angles, stroke instruction and plenty of cum encouragement will make you forget your troubles and those other things that you are missing out on. you don't need those other things anyway. My Feet are what you need.

Feet Ingrained In your Brain

It's been a long time since I took a long time taking your cum with My feet. The wait is over today. I know how much you need to see My feet, to stroke your cock for them and to cum for them. It's been that way ever since the first time you saw them. They became permanently ingrained in your brain the first time you followed My instructions and cam hard for them. Now they are forever embedded in your mind. They control your cock and you must have them to cum really, really hard. I made you wait because I wanted to make sure that you built up a really big load for Me. Today, I'm going to instruct your stroking and My feet are going take that load from you.

Stroke For Sweaty Pantyhosed Feet

I know why you are here. you saw that I was wearing pantyhose.. and pantyhose feet are your weakness. I know you're wondering so, I'll tell you that, yes, they are just the way you like them... Sweaty and with that perfect odor that drives you crazy. I know that you get so hard for that. I want you to stroke for them today. I will instruct your stroking while I tease you. I'll even indulge in that sweet foot stink Myself. Do you have a big load to drop on My sweaty pantyhose feet today?

Escape Reality Jerking For Feet

Are you feeling a bit lonely right now? Being stuck inside can sure make this crazy world even worse. I think it's time to get your mind off of the suck. I've got just what you need... two perfect MILF feet. The are just what you need to escape this reality. It's time to just let it all go and get lost in My feet. Follow My jerk off instructions and encouragment and let's get a big load out of you and onto My teasing feet.

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Worthless foot creep Gets Caught

Today you are a worthless foot creep who gets caught taking pictures of My feet. I immediately begin to humiliate you for your creepy behavior. Though I love having men at My feet and lot's of people have been able to worship them, you will not ever be able to because you are such a pathetic loser. your cock gets so hard at My berating that you have to pull it out and jerk it off. I continue to humiliate you as I instruct you to jerk that fucking dick. Don't think it's going to be a pleasureful experience though as you will have to be punished for being such a foot pervert. you will be made to lick up and swallow all of your cum after you ejaculate. Of course, you're such a disgusting, fat fuck that you'll probably end up loving that too. Creep.

Bust A Nut For My Feet

Slow, steady and sensual I will use My perfect feet to coax a load from you. I love that you jerk for My feet and I love that you can't stop. I want that nut from you. I'm going to take it from you. These feet own that cock and that cum eruption. We are going to take our time getting there today though. We'll keep it slow and steady with lots of cum encouragement.

Stroking And Foot Dreaming

I've got what you need. Two perfect feet. By need, I mean that it takes feet to get you hard. you never really get masturbation satisfaction unless feet are involved. I did that to you. Didn't I. We both know that I love it when your stroke your cock for My feet. That's what we are going to do today. you will jerkoff to My instructions and I will send your mind on a foot dreaming journey. Look at those soles, so soft and perfect they are the only thing that satisfies your dick. I think maybe your dick loves My bare feet more than you do. If that's even possible. Do you have a sticky, messy load of jizz for My feet? I want it. Now, give it to Me.

MILF Feet In Sparkly Platforms

I love when footboys buy Me shoes. One sent Me these sparkly platform high heels. I love them. Do you? Do you love the way My French pedicured toes stick though the peeptoe? do you love that you can see My feet in all of their veiny glory through the clear tops? I do. I'll put on a little feet in high heels show for you but, I won't say anything. you can let your dirty little footboy mind go wherever it wants to.

Stroke For My Crossed Soles

Custom Clip: Just like you, jay gets hard as soon as he sees My perfect feet. I cross them and erections happen. I know how much you love to jerkoff your big cock for My crossed soles so here's a really hot foot fetish focused masturbation encouragement clip that I made for jay but I know that you will love as well.

Smoking And Heel Dangling

Beneath My dangling heel, right where you want to be and right where you should be. Basically ignored while staring at My shoe dangling or perhaps watching Me smoke as I peruse My phone. It seems like such a simple thing but, you'll masturbate just thinking about being in this sutuation. I love that I have that kind of power over you.

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