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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

Ignored Then Teased

Can you stand being ignored while getting full view of My feet and ass? I know it'll be hard so after about 5 minutes I switch to erotic teasing and kissing of a realistic dildo. As I edge this toy, of course, I still don't acknowledge you.. but, I do keep My soles facing the camera. I know what you will be doing while I provide the erotic tease.

your Foot Addiction Runs Deep

Oh those perfect MILF feet, you can't resist them. you're addicted to them and you get deeper and deeper into your addiction every time you see them, every time you stroke your hard cock for them. They own you, Stroke your cock. Nice and slow. What's the rush? Let's make it last. There is no escape from them. Even if you tried, you would fail as your cock is completely owned by My perfect MILF feet and your cock will never leave Me. Stroke it. Stroke it for the perfect feet that are in your face right now. I hope you have a big load of cum for Me. I want it. My feet want it. Give it to Me. Give Me you your big sticky load of cum right now. Give Me multiple ropes of it. Cover My soles in all of your sticky jizz.

your BBC Belongs To These Feet

This is a continuation of Your BBC Loves My Dangling Heels. You have already cum once for Me but, I'm not finished with you. I take you into My office and prop My heels up on the desk. I know that you have another load for Me. I remove My heels and begin to tease you with My perfect feet. Is that big black cock hard for Me now? I know that it is. Stroke your BBC for My feet. You know that you can't stop yourself. Your BBC belongs to these feet. I'll take care of the tease and the instructions while you pleasure that big beautiful black cock. When you think that you can't take any more, I'll break out the lotion and apply it. I know that drives you wild. Now you can cum for Me. Cum on the soles that control your BBC.

In you Like A Virus

you thought that you were lucky and avoided the pandemic, but then you saw My feet. Their perfection made it's way into your brain and infected your whole body. Most viruses make you fell ill but, this one makes you feel oh so good. you experience feelings that you have never felt before. It makes your cock so very hard. It makes you have to jerk off when you see them. With every stroke the virus takes more control of your fetish. Then the virus makes you need to drop a huge load for them. There is nothing you can do except jerk and cum when you are presented with these perfect bare MILF feet. Lucky for you there is no cure.

Your Cock Between My Soles

Everything that you have dreamed of here. Your big cock between My soft soles. Now, since we are responsibly practicing social distancing, it has to be virtual. So, there is "your" big cock in the middle of the screen getting stroked By My perfect feet. Pretty red toes pass over the head and it drives you wild. It feel good, doesn't it. You love it when I do that. Oh how you wish we could have been socially distant together but, hey, let's work with what we have. These sexy little feet are still going to make you cum. They always do.

Stroke Your BBC For My Feet

Are you ready to stroke that big, beautiful black cock for Me? For My feet? I love the way your BBC looks, all slick and wet, while you stroke it to My feet. It take long strokes for that big dick, doesn't it? I love it. Get lost in these perfect feet and stroke that huge black cock. Imagine these feet stroking that big member for you. Oh yeah, just like that. These feet own that massive cock. You can't help yourself. They control you and your stroking. Except that you have no control to stop and stroke it faster. I want that cum. My feet want that cum. Give it to Me.

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Your BBC Loves Dangling Heels

I come home, set My purse down and walk across the living room. You're watching My feet as I pass. I'm unaware that you are there until after I get to sofa and sit. I see you and am somewhat surprised by your presence. you just can't get enough of My perfect feet can you? Today is especially great for you as I am wearing the heels that you bought for Me. You just can't keep your eyes off of the heel dangling from My foot as I talk to you. These feet own your cock. You're so turned on. You really just want to jerk that beautiful, big black cock for My dangling heels. Don't you? Go ahead. I'll dangle My heels while I instruct and encourage while your stroke your black cock. You can't help but think about sliding that cock between My soles and the shoe, can you. That just about put you over the edge, didn't it. Are you ready to cum for Me, My perfect feet and My dangling heels?

Naked Distraction

You've always dreamed of being in My room, staring at My bare feet while I rested. You've always promised that you would be happy just to watch My feet. That you would never let your self be distracted by anything because your foot fetish is so strong it's all that you care about. Feet. Well, we are going to find out if that is true. I like to make things hard for you. (Pun intended). I'm going to let you indulge in My feet today but, I don't think you can stay focused. Ya see, I'm completely nakedand I'm not hiding anything. Of course, a loyal footboy like you could behave himself, right? I think that you'll fail this challenge. At least once you are going to imagine walking up, laying your hard cock on the soft soles of My pretty bare feet, leaning over and burying your face in My ass to feast on that sweet MILF buffet. (Evil grin)

Boss Feet After Work

I just got home from work. You know better than to talk to Me as I'm usually a bit salty after being Bossy all day but, that doesn't keep you from ogling Me and My flawless feet. I approach a table, sit and remove My heels. That always feels so good. I prop My feet up on the table and check My social media accounts. Although I don't care to chit chat when I get home, I am aware that you want My feet so, I give you a subtle foot tease as you feast your eyes on the foot buffet before you. I stroke the leg of the table with My feet, I know that you love that, before picking up My red heels and heading off to the bedroom to get comfortable.

How I Spend your Money

It feels so good to give your money to Me. I know better how to spend it than you do. Today I'll show you what I just spent your money on. I know you'll love them because they are your favorites. Do recognize the label? Let's unbox them and let you have a look at just how amazing these Louboutin high heels look on My perfect feet. Are you stroking while we do this? I know you are. Don't you just love the red soles? I do. Have you blown your load yet. I know you want to cum so badly. Go ahead and cum to My encouragement then go and tribute Me before cleaning your mess up.

Another Lucky Day

you really are a lucky bastard aren't you. you just never know what you're gonna get when you get home. Is your cock ready for this clip? Let's start on it with some feet, then hands, then mouth, then fucking My feet. This clip has the messy ending that you love.

Veiny Feet Sticky And Sweet

I couldn't wait to get this clip to you. When I got ready to make this clip I saw what a great veiny day I was having and I knew that you would love to see plenty of My veiny, detailed feet from many angles. I have this shiny material on the floor. I am standing on it barefoot. My feet are sticking to it when I move them and it makes a pretty cool cound when I separate my feet from it. I do that for the whole clip. I make sure that you get to see My perfect feet from all sides. They are super lean today so, you get great looks at the veins as well as the bone structure. If you are a fan of My feet it has to be, at least in part, to the lean, bony, veiny detailed appearance. I must say... They are pretty sweet.

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Leg Warmers And Platform Heels

Well look at you. You just picked up a hot new fetish. Who knew that leg warmers and platform heels would look so good together. As soon as you saw the preview image your interest was piqued and you had to have it. No talking (and no shirt or skirt) today. I've got some background music playing and it feels like maybe you're getting a sexy private show from a stripper that is aware of your foot and shoe fetish.

My Feet Are your Dick's Addiction

Hey My little footboy. Are you ready to get your dick hard for My pretty bare feet? It's so easy for Me. Afterall, My feet are your dick's addiction; therefore, they are your addiction. There is no escape. Stop trying. Let yourself go. Watch My bare feet, perfect toes and soft soles. Listen to My voice, stare at My soles and stroke your hard dick. I want your cum. My feet want your cum. Give it up. Give My feet all of your cum. Do it now. Cum for Me.

Delicious Feet

I know what you want to do with My feet. Does it involve lickng them like I am doing? Did that make your dick hard? Are you wioshing it was you with My delicious feet in your mouth? They are delicious. I love the way they taste. I love the way they feel in My mouth and I love the way My mouth feels on them. It makes Me hot, sucking my own toes. Does it make you hot watching Me? I know it does. Jerkoff if you need to. Watching Me worship My perfect feet is going to make you cum, isn't it.

A Quick Jerk For Feet

Hey footboy. Do you need to rub one out real quick? I knwo that watching foot fetish videos and looking at pics all day has got you about ready to explode. Let's make quick work of it today. Can you cum real hard real quick for My perfect feet?

MILF Feet And Purple Pantyhose

A purple pantyhose tease just wouldn't be complete without feet. I'll make sure that you get your fix for perfect MILF feet in pantyhose. No talking today but, you know that I know what you are thinking when you see My nylon clad feet. Go ahead and rub one out to your favorite foot fantasy MILF.

Slow Sensual Mesmerizing Foot JOI

Getting right into your mind and conditioning you to respiond to only My feet. A slow, methodic pace to your stroking and My instructions. No rush today. This is about making you appreciate every second that you get to stroke and admire My perfect feet. your addiction to My feet and to jerking off for My feet is only going to get stronger with this clip as I mesmerize you into deep foot submission.

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