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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

Foot Fetish Videos

Paint My Feet With Cum

Hey footboy, I painted My toes white, now I need you to paint the rest of My feet white with your big load of cum. Are you ready to jack that cock and spray My feet white with cum? I know that you are ready to paint these perfect feet!

Stroke Time With Stinky Shoes

Of course you like feet that's why your here. But you... you are addicted to the sweaty, stinky, sweet aroma of My feet when I pull them from My athletic shoes. I know you. you just can't get enough of the awesomeness that is My foot smell. Here, take a whiff. mmmm, now that makes you want to stroke your cock doesn't it. I know pull it out and get to work. Follow My jerkoff instructions and masturbation encouragement to bust a nut for My stinky shoes and feet.

POV Foot Worship Instruction

You love these perfect feet and you know that you would drop to the ground in a millisecond if you had the chance to get at them for real. Well, you can't do that today but, you can join Me in a virtual foot worship session. I'll have you worship My feet exactly the way I like, taking you through your foot fantasty and enjoying the experience with you.

Feet With Benefits

I know what you're looking for and I have it. Two of them, actually. You know... Two perfect MILF feet and they are going to extract your cum today. Two perfect ball draining MILF soles that know they can, and will, take all of your cum. This is kind of a mutual benefit arrangement that we have. You need feet that will tease you. You want instruction for your stroking while you get foot teased. I want your cum. All of it. See how this is a mutually beneficial time that we will spend together. We both know that you can't stop from giving Me what I want from you. you know that I will deliver the foot tease and instruction with all of the control and pacing that will give you a great finale.

My Feet Command And Control

I am very aware of how much control My feet have over both you and your cock. I know that I have conditioned you to get hard with just a glimpse of them. I can make you masturbate and cum for them in any amount of time that I choose. Sometimes it's just a few minutes and other times it is a marathon stroke session, like today. you will be teased by My feet harder than I have possibly ever teased you before with them. you and your cock will be completely and totally under My control. you will follow My commands and when told to, you will deliver the most massive ball draining load of cum that you have ever given to My feet. Now, footboy, are you ready for a fucking foot adventure like that?

Triggered By Feet

It's no secret that you have a strong foot fetish. Just seeing perfect feet sends your brain into a frenzy. Your fetish is so overpowering that now even the word 'feet' triggers that same reaction. Today, with My perfect mature MILF feet on full display, I'll repeat your trigger word 'feet' as well as your trigger word 'owned'. I'll repeat these words multiple times during the clip overloading your brain with endorphines while keeping that look on My face that says I'm fully aware that My feet completely own you.

Watch POV Foot Fetish Videos

Foot Fetish Videos

What Do You Like Most?

You have been watching My feet and jerking off to My feet for so many years now. I know that you love My feet but, what part do you like most? Is it the toes? Is it because you dream of sucking on each one. Is it the soft soles that you would love to lick from heel to know. I realize that you are probaby going to have to jerk off today while you watch but, I won't be giving any instructions for it. We've been doing this together for so long that I know you already know what you're doing. Now, let's get back to exploring My feet and your fetish for them.

Drench My Soles In your Cum

Guess what I'm going to do today. I'm going to take something from you. you know what it is. I'm taking your cum with My feet today. you know that you can't resist My feet. you've tried but, you always find your way back by following your dick. That cum is mine. That cock is mine. I own you, mind, body and soul. The soles own your soul. Now, since we both know that you are going to give Me that sticky cum. Let's get started. Stroke it slow and let's take our time. I demand a big eruption from you and those take some time to build up. Stroke as I say and deliver your load to My feet when I say. you need these feet.

Masturbate For Aunt Nikki's Feet

Are you ready to masturbate your penis for, and ejaculate on, Aunt Nikki's sweaty, stinky feet? Of course you are. You are My special one and I know that you can keep a secret so, I have something very special for you today. I got some new sneakers and I have been breaking them in for the last couple of days. Since I was thinking of you, I kept wearing the same socks. You love Aunt Nikki's feet even more when there is lots of sweat and sweet stink for you to masturbate your penis to...following My instruction and encouragement, of course. I'll remove My shoes so that you can get to My socks then, about half way through, I'll remove My socks so that you can ejaculate onto My perfect feet.

You Almost Had A Chance

I had the best date ever planned for us. It was going to involve My feet so, I know you would have loved it. But then, we got locked down and our opportunity was blocked. Not to fret, though. We can do it virtually. I know that as soon as you see My perfect feet your dick gets instantly hard. Let's not waste that erection. I'll tease you and instruct you while you jerk off for My pretty MILF feet. You already know that you are going to do it as your dick is addicted and it does the thinking for you. It wants to be stroked. Do you have a big load of cum for My feet? I want it.

Sole Much More Than You Can Handle

you just can't stay away from My two perfect soles. I know you want to see them. They make your cock so hard. Pull down your pants and show Me that big cock. That's nice. Start rubbing it. Stroke it nice and slow. We want this to last while I tease you. We'll pick up the pace as the teasing and instruction increase. Then, when I really want to see you cum, when I really want to see your throbbing cock twitching and pulsing as it gives Me that huge load that you have saved up for Me, I'll encourage you to let it go for My soles.

Oily Footjob in Jeans

you know how much I love the feel of a cock sliding between My soft soles. I really like it when I get a big load of cum shot all over them. Well in this clip, My lucky bastard of a husband gets to use his cock on My feet, fucking them until I get his big load of cum shot onto My soles.

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