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Foot Fetish Videos

Masturbate For StepMom's Feet

Why are you on the floor? What have I told you about that? Are you hoping to get a glimpse of My feet? you silly boy. you just can't get enough of your StepMommy's feet, can you? They are pretty perfect but, your dad would disown us both if he knew that you had a thing for feet and that I let you indulge that fetish. So, how good are you at keeping secrets? you've done good job so far. In fact our little foot games have kinda got Me into these play sessions, as well. So, if you can continue keeping things a secret when can play some more. I have to warn you though, this is going to get you addicted to a mature woman's feet. Do you want to suck on StepMommy's toes? Do you promise not to tell? Would you like to masturbate your penis while you play with My feet? Do you want to cum? Do you want to ejaculate for StepMommy's feet? I hope so because I want to taste your cum on My feet.

footboy Ignored While I Smoke

Today you're a footboy at My feet, where all good footboys want to be. Oh those sexy toes and soles, they captivate you but, I'm smoking, too. What will you do? Desperately jerking your dick while you watch, but what will you watch? your two fetishes are so strong and you get them both today. Since I'm ignoring you while I smoke I won't actually know what has your attention. I'd recommend watching it at least twice so that you can thoroughly enjoy them both. Of course there's sexy, shiny purple fingernails, too. Now what do you do? you can watch it three times and drop three loads for Me, I suppose.

Virtual Skype Foot Tease

In this clip we are having a Skype session. you like to be teased with feet and about what being with My feet irl would be like. So, I'll tease you with My perfect bare MILF feet and toes while talking to you in this virtual Skype session clip.

My Feet Control your Dick

I know why you are here. So do you. you can't help yourself. you have to see these feet. you have to stroke for these feet. you have to keep your dick happy. you know that My feet control your dick. How did it happen? How did I corrupt your mind? It doesn't matter now. It happened and your dick is so very hard for My feet already. Let's do something about that, right now. Pull out that hard dick and let's get to stroking it for these perfect feet. you mind will enjoy the foot tease while your hand relieves your foot loving dick.

Showing Off My Feet

you love you some feet don't you footboy? Well this is right up your alley. It's My sexy, perfect, MILF feet in a full on foot show for you. I don't have to say anything, and I don't. Soles, toes, arches and heels, I'll let My feet do the talking today as I show them off for you from all sides.

Stroke For Feet In Wolford Pantyhose

Of all the sexy and naughty things that I do with fetishes mixed in with blowjobs, handjobs and footjobs... when you decided to buy a custom clip you wanted pantyhosed feet jerkoff instruction. Now that's a strong fetish. Pass up the porn to lose yourself in My feet. I love that. Do you like to imagine My pantyhosed feet on your cock while you stroke? I know you do. Stroke that foot loving cock for Me while you dream of having your nose between My toes. Do you have a big load for Me today?

Watch POV Foot Fetish Videos

Foot Fetish Videos

Thigh High Blue Balls

This is sure to make your balls blue... unless, of course, you decide to rub one out while you watch. What a sexy outfit I have on today. Fishnet, quite see-thru, on My hot MILF body and shiny blue thigh high boots on My feet and legs. So much eye candy to make your balls as blue as these boots. No words needed to push your buttons today.

Lucky bastard Cums on My Toes

Get over here you lucky bastard. I want you to cum on My toes. He is definitely lucky as he gets to enjoy My perfect feet on his cock, then gets instructed to cum on My toes. Perhaps I'll have a little taste of it Myself.

Old School Kicks

Do you remember these classics. I used to wear these in gym. I also wore them to aerobics class. These sneakers sure do bring back the old school memories. I love the way they look with slouchy socks. Did your first love wear these? I'm glad they brought them back. I'm sharing the vibe with you today. No talking today as you enjoy watching My trip down memory lane.

Counselor Finds Your Fetish

You have been having problems getting and maintaining an erection for about a year. After a thorough examination by your physician it seems that there is no physical reason for your penis to not work properly. It has been determined that your problem is psychological in nature and that is why you have come to Me today. I like to start by just going over some things that may or may not pique your interest. I'll watch your penis as I go through various things that turn men on. It seems that nothing is having an effect on you. As I ponder where to go next, I casually reach into My dangling high heel and scratch My foot. When I look up I can see that your penis is now fully erect. It seems that we have found what your mind and your penis like. It's feet. We still need to flesh this out to see why. Where did it originate? Is it only mature feet? Perhaps it's only My feet. We can discuss these things while you masturbate your penis. Yes, I want you to masturbate right here in front of Me. We need to know if you can go all the way to ejaculation. Besides, you haven't ejaculated in a year. That means that you have a year's worth of frustration to release.

In Your Feet Dreams

So you had a little dream about Me. You spotted Me at the mall casually stroking My foot against My leg. I walked ove to you and whispered in you ear... What would you have done if you really saw Me? Go ahead and take out that big, beautiful cock. I know that it's already hard for My feet. It was actually hard as soon as you thought about My feet. That's what it's like to be owned by them. you are owned by them and you wouldn't have it any other way. Keep stroking that cock slow for Me. you have to make it to the end... if that's even possible for you given that I'm going to put lotion on My soles and rub it in while you dream that they are all slick and ready to slide all over your throbbing cock. I know that thought overwhelms you. Let's explore how I walk through your mind while you dream while your stroke that big, hard cock for Me. Stroke slow and steady. I want a huge eruption all over My soles at the end.

Foot Junkies Can't Resist These

Oh My little foot junkie, I knew that you could not resist the thumbnail. you know that it means that you are going to get to jerkoff your big, hard dick for My sexy feet today. What a great way to start your day or end your day. Either way you know that you have to stare at those soft soles and those perfect ten toes. mmm those arches, you know that you would love to slide your dick between them. It gets so fucking hard for My feet. What are you waiting for? Whip that dick out and git after it. I want your big creamy load on My toes.

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