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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

Friday Night Surprise

It's Friday night and My guy and I are on the couch. He just about to get his usual Friday night handjob. I was on his computer earlier today and I came across a folder called FEET. I opened it and found lots of videos of girls giving guys footjobs. I had no idea that he was into that. I confront him with this information and surpise him with a great footjob. I can tell by his big cumshot that we'll start having Friday night footjobs.

Teacher's footboy

Every year I have a special student. One that likes to stare. Not so much at the other girls in class but rather at the hot MILF teacher. Are you that guy? I know you are. That's why I put so much thought into the outfits that I wear. Short dresses, pantyhose, high heels everything that you like. Maybe you could be My assistant. massage My legs, rub My feet. Do you like feet? Pantyhosed feet? Will you be Teacher's footboy?

Controlling The Boss

In this POV pantyhose, footjob clip you are the boss of the office. I can't help but notice how you're always looking at My feet in heels... letting your eyes work their way up to My pantyhose clad legs and sexy skirts. It's clear, to Me, that I have control over you and now I'm going to make you change some company policies. you have been the guy in charge for so long; but, you are about to give over control to My feet as I begin to work your cock over with them. One oily pantyhose footjob and I'll get everything I want from you.

The Making of a Foot slave

Custom Clip: I begin this clip by seducing you. I tease you with the prospect of fucking My sweet MILF pussy; but, first you'll need to prove yourself to Me. We'll start at My feet. I'll make you touch them, taste them and masturbate for them. Once I've 'got you', I'll light up a cigarette then get more dominant and forceful. I start calling you My slave. I make you masturbate for My feet again. Every time you cum for My feet you get deeper under My spell. Mind, body and soul... I own you now.

Gym Feet Make you Cum

I been at the gym for a few hours working out. I come home to find you right where I expect you to be... laying on the ground at My chair waiting for My sweaty gym feet. That's where this POV Footjob clip starts. I tease your cock with My shoes but, I know that you want more. I remove My shoes and start to tease your cock with My socks. But, it's the barefeet that you want now. That's why you're here. I remove My socks and begin to work your cock over with My sweaty feet. After a bit I put some slick oil on your cock. That's the way I like footjobs... Slick and wet. Besides, you love My oily feet as much as you love My sweaty feet. Now, I really start to perform My footjob magic on your stiff cock until I get a big load of that cum that you have saved up for Me. It gushes out and drips down My toes. I use My feet to get every drop out that I can, then... I dip my toes back into the puddle and cover My toes with cum.

Party Toes

Do ya like those colorful toes? Kinda looks like a party doesn't it? I'll bet they would look really pretty stroking your cock wouldn't they. you would like that wouldn't you. ya wanna fuck those pretty toes don't ya. Think your jizz would make them look just perfect as it drips down My bright, colored toes. Now that's a party.

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What Do you Love About Feet?


Do you love it when girls wear flip flops? Do you prefer bare feet? Is it the toes? Maybe the soles... side arches... or heels. In any case you'll see it here today. I'll surely show what you like when I put My feet on full display while talking to you. I try to show you all the angles so that you get to see what you want to in this clip.

My Pantyhosed Feet Own you


I've got a treat for your session today. I've got some well worn, sweaty pantyhosed feet in My high heels. I know how much you want to get a big sniff of the sweet, sweaty aroma between My toes. Get on your knees, at My feet, and suck the sweaty toes of the pantyhosed feet that own you.

Slippery Wet Feet


I love to wash My feet in the kitchen sink. I knew that you would be watching today, so I wore pantyhose. I know how much you love the way feet look in pantyhose. I'm going to remove them now so that I can let the warm water run over My perfect feet. Slippery and wet just the way you like them. Are you thirsty? Would you like to drink the water from My feet?

Resist The Temptation


I know how much you love to stroke your dick to My perfect feet. Today I'm going to really turn up the tease with My sexy bare feet and legs. I know you're going to be tempted. I'm going to make sure of it; but, don't touch it. Keep your hands off that dick. Endure the tease. Carry that throbbing cock around with you all day so that My feet will be all that you think about. Resist the temptation to blow your load. Feel the power that My feet have over you.

Worship your Sweaty Goddess


We come home from the gym. I'm tired and sweaty. My man knows right where to start. He removes My shoes and worships My sweaty feet, licking My soles and sucking My toes. Then, he gets to worship My sweaty ass. Kissing the cheeks and, of course, licking My sweet sweaty ass. After doing a good job he gets to lick the sweat from My tits and even My armpits. Lucky man he is getting to worship his sweaty Goddess to prove his love.

Too Pretty Foot Tease


That red toe polish could sense you cumming a mile away. I knew what you were hoping to see in the update today so I made this just for you. Pretty feet and toes with several different angles. They're all up in your face, running through your mind, trampling your rational thoughts and leaving you utterly addicted and owned. Not a word has to be said. We both know where you belong.

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Cork Wedges and Saratoga Smoking


Sexy cork wedges, they match nicely with the cork look filter of the Saratoga cigarette I'm smoking. I know how much these two fetishes do it for you. That's why I do it for you. So, feast your eyes on your fetishes and stroke your throbbing, hard cock for Me.

Barefoot Tease in Stirrups


Don't you just love the way the straps on My stirrup leggings dig into My pretty barefeet? I do, so I decided to wear some today and give you a little foot show. I'll be sure to show you My bare soles, wrinkled soles, toe pointing, toe spreading, arches and of course those sexy stirrup straps.

I Like Them Big


Look how big this long black dong is. It's time for a BBC footjob fantasy. I like them really big and this one is huge. I love the way it's size feels as My feet stroke it up and down. This BBC footjob fantasy is really intended for Me but, since the camera location gives it a POV feel it could be your fantasy as well.

Before you Date My Daughter


Come here an park yourself at My feet. Before you can date My daughter there are some things that you need to know. She and I are very much alike. We both love to have guys at our feet. Not just sitting there; but, rubbing, kissing and licking them. Don't look at Me like that. It all ends today if you can't live up to the task. I am going to make sure that you know how to service a Lady's feet before you can go out with Her. Follow My foot worship instructions. Learn to worship My feet exactly the way I like it. She will like it the same way. Prove your worth to Me, then you may date Her.

Pathetic loser Shrunk himself


you still live at home in your Mother's basement. your future is bleak and somehow you have shrunk yourself to a speck on a white cloth. I place My dirty feet by you and notice what you have done to yourself. Rather than offer sympathy I humiliate you in My smug way before standing, turning around and squashing you with My ass.

StepMom's Feet Control your Cock


I know how much you love My feet. you're so lucky to have a StepMom with the best feet in the world. I want you to take that cock out and start stroking it. Come in close and lick My soles. Suck My toes. Stroke that cock. I want you to cum all over StepMom's feet. I want to feel your fucking cum on My soles.

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