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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

Friday Night Surprise

It's Friday night and My guy and I are on the couch. He just about to get his usual Friday night handjob. I was on his computer earlier today and I came across a folder called FEET. I opened it and found lots of videos of girls giving guys footjobs. I had no idea that he was into that. I confront him with this information and surpise him with a great footjob. I can tell by his big cumshot that we'll start having Friday night footjobs.

Teacher's footboy

Every year I have a special student. One that likes to stare. Not so much at the other girls in class but rather at the hot MILF teacher. Are you that guy? I know you are. That's why I put so much thought into the outfits that I wear. Short dresses, pantyhose, high heels everything that you like. Maybe you could be My assistant. massage My legs, rub My feet. Do you like feet? Pantyhosed feet? Will you be Teacher's footboy?

Controlling The Boss

In this POV pantyhose, footjob clip you are the boss of the office. I can't help but notice how you're always looking at My feet in heels... letting your eyes work their way up to My pantyhose clad legs and sexy skirts. It's clear, to Me, that I have control over you and now I'm going to make you change some company policies. you have been the guy in charge for so long; but, you are about to give over control to My feet as I begin to work your cock over with them. One oily pantyhose footjob and I'll get everything I want from you.

The Making of a Foot slave

Custom Clip: I begin this clip by seducing you. I tease you with the prospect of fucking My sweet MILF pussy; but, first you'll need to prove yourself to Me. We'll start at My feet. I'll make you touch them, taste them and masturbate for them. Once I've 'got you', I'll light up a cigarette then get more dominant and forceful. I start calling you My slave. I make you masturbate for My feet again. Every time you cum for My feet you get deeper under My spell. Mind, body and soul... I own you now.

Gym Feet Make you Cum

I been at the gym for a few hours working out. I come home to find you right where I expect you to be... laying on the ground at My chair waiting for My sweaty gym feet. That's where this POV Footjob clip starts. I tease your cock with My shoes but, I know that you want more. I remove My shoes and start to tease your cock with My socks. But, it's the barefeet that you want now. That's why you're here. I remove My socks and begin to work your cock over with My sweaty feet. After a bit I put some slick oil on your cock. That's the way I like footjobs... Slick and wet. Besides, you love My oily feet as much as you love My sweaty feet. Now, I really start to perform My footjob magic on your stiff cock until I get a big load of that cum that you have saved up for Me. It gushes out and drips down My toes. I use My feet to get every drop out that I can, then... I dip my toes back into the puddle and cover My toes with cum.

Party Toes

Do ya like those colorful toes? Kinda looks like a party doesn't it? I'll bet they would look really pretty stroking your cock wouldn't they. you would like that wouldn't you. ya wanna fuck those pretty toes don't ya. Think your jizz would make them look just perfect as it drips down My bright, colored toes. Now that's a party.

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The Feet That Own you


On the ground under My feet is where you find yourself today. No words have to be spoken between us. We both know that these are the feet that own you. Lay there on the floor and worship their perfection with your eyes. lay there with full knowledge that you can only hope I that I don't take them away from you.

Your Perfect Foot Show


I was thinking of you when I made this video clip. I walked into the room and started looking through My drawers for something. I imagined that I caught a glimpse of you there in My room by My chaise. I sat down and put My MILF feet on the stool that you had sitting there. There was no reason for words. I knew what you wanted to see. I slowly removed My shoes and socks making sure to tease you the entire time. Those perfect barefeet are now on full display. I know that you like every angle of the female foot so I take My time and show you all that you want to see. Arches, soles, toes I even sniff them Myself. I know how much you love that. Like I said, I was thinking of you while I recorded this foot show.

More Smoking BJ, Cum on Dirty Feet


In this POV clip I am laying on My chaise with only panties on. you are sitting near Me watching Me smoke a More cigarette. I have My dirty soles in the air facing you. I don't say anything. I don't have to as I can see the effects of this scene on you. About halfway through the first More I use it to light another. I see no reason to offer you any relief from your erection yet as I smoke two at a time. By the time I finish smoking the second More the effects of the smoking, long fingernails, damn near naked ass and street dirty soles have caused you to strip down to just shoes and a hard cock. I get on my knees and light a third More cigarette as I take your cock. I perform for you, smoking the cigarette whilst sucking your cock. you love to watch the lipstick as your cock slides across it. Distraction for My filthy feet lets Me know what you really want. When I can tell that you can't take any more More or blowjob, I get on the chaise and expose My dirty feet to you for you to finish. Almost immediately you unload your hot sticky cum onto My dirty bare soles. I smear it in and let it drip as I show you what a huge mess you have made.

Feet To Cum For


Bare MILF feet with red polished toes are probably too much for you to handle. Can you make it through 10 minutes and foot tease and masturbation instruction? I know you want to cum so hard for My feet. I think My toes would look amazing if they were painted white with your jizz. Are you ready to empty those balls for My pretty MILF feet and toes?

Perfect MILF Feet


No you're not in Heaven. you're just getting a chance to look down at My perfect MILF feet today instead of up at them. So enjoy the view of My toes and soles today because tomorrow you'll be back under them where you belong. No talking today just My foot perfection on full display.

What Awaits You


What awaits you, is it a statement or a question? Well I'm not going to say anything, I'm going to be lying on My lounge, naked and barefoot. If you were to walk in to this room you would find Me here in all My glory. you would face a choice of which way to go, North or South. We both know what you would choose. you would go straight to the feet despite what's available at the other end of those legs. you can't help yourself. But, if you're not cumming here then I suppose it's a question. When you get where you're going today... What awaits you?

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Excellent Foot Tease and Instruction


I know what footguys like. I know what you like. It's not the shoes so let's take them off. What? It's not the socks? Well, let's take them off as well. you want to see what's inside My shoes and socks. you crave those delicious toes and soles. you love it when I tease you with them and that's just what I'm going to do today. you prolly have an image of them printed out so that you can cum on them. I'll bet your jerking off to them right now. Go ahead. I love that you jerk off to My feet all the time. Follow My instructions and encouragement right now until you virtually cum all over My feet at the end of My countdown.

Fire When Ready


All it take is My feet on the screen to get you hot. That's what you said so here they are. Do you want to touch it? Go ahead and touch that dick and start stroking it. I know you want to shoot your load all over My feet. Fire when ready.

Tiny Guy Between My Toes


Hey there My tiny one. I haven't seen you in quite some time. Of course it's not that easy to see you anyway as you are so very, very small. Have you been enjoying the peaks and valleys of My feet and toes? I know you have. I'll bet that you're stroking that tiny penis of yours right now aren't you. Do you think that I'll notice that teeny tiny amount of cum?

Stiff Dick For MILF Feet


In this POV foot fetish clip you are a friend of My son and have snuck into My room whilst I was starting a cam show. I notice and halt the show to adress you. I know that you have come in hoping to get a free show of some big MILF titties but all you can expect from Me is My feet. That should make you leave but it doesn't. It becomes clear that you are a little foot perv as I can see that you have a stiffy in your pants. I insist that you show it to Me as it appears to be quite large. I'm very impressed by it and have you masturbate it for Me. When I'm ready I countdown from 10 for you to cum onto My perfect MILF feet before telling you to get the fuck out.

OMG you Have A Foot Fetish


Are you ready for the Memorial Day picnic? I'm just about ready to go. What do ya think about Me wearing these high heels? What do mean I should go barefoot? Why are you always suggesting that I go barefoot? do you have a thing for feet or something? OMG you do! you have a foot fetish. Is it because of Me? Did I do it to you when we were growing up because of all those times that I put My feet on you? It is because of Me? What can I say? you have a foot fetish because of your big sister.

What Will you Do?


you walk in to find Me lying on My stomach in an outfit that shows just the right amount of ass. My feet are cock high. My toes are painted in your favorite blue polish. There's sultry music playing. I don't say anything. What's going on? Have I set this up as some sort of a surprise? A treat? Is it a test? What are you supposed to do? Should you indulge in My feet. After all, I know how much you love feet. Are My feet is this position because I want you to fuck them? I likely just want to lie here and put on a foot show for you while you rub one out yourself? What do I want you to do? What will you do?

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