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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

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Arch you Sole Happy


Just for you footboy. Arch you sole happy that I decided to make this clip for you. A little background music and a sexy foot show. I know how much you like to see arches, inside and out. Plus sexy soles, yes wrinkled too. I know what you like to see in a video of My feet. I'm going to make sure that you see plenty of it. Watch, enjoy and rub one out.

your Dick Loves My Feet


Hey footboy, I know how much you love My feet so I'll start by teasing you with My pretty toes and soft soles. It doesn't take much seduction to see that you really want to masturbate for My feet. It appears that your dick really loves My feet. That's ok with Me. Pull out that dick and get to stroking to My instruction and encouragement until you shoot your huge load of cum all over My feet, virtually.

A Different Kind Of Game


My guy is trying to watch the game when I walk up and block his view. I have a different kind of game in mind today. I climb on the couch with him and place My feet between him and the TV. I tell him to smell My feet. he doesn’t want to so I remove one of My shoes and give My foot a sniff Myself. I tell him to again as I put My foot in his face. I take off My sock and have him take off My other. I lick My sole and suck My toes on one foot while I make him do the same to the other foot. Now the game on TV doesn’t seem so important to him as I have caused an erection in his pants. No doubt who is in control now. I decide to make him cum in his pants. I turn over and grind on him while he sucks on My toes. It doesn’t take Me long to finish him off. How will he explain the jizz in his pants when his friends arrive to watch the game with him?

What If Your Mom Walks In?


I didn't see you walk I at first while I was in your mom's room trying to stretch out the soreness in My legs. Your mom and I worked out together today but I left before her. She should be home in about ten minutes. I ask you if you could rub My sore calf with your strong hands. You agree and do. I put My foot on you to brace Myself. I quickly notice that you have an erection as My foot seems to have been placed directly onto your cock. I'm shocked but not mad. I ask why before realizing that you must have a foot fetish. What will we do if your mom walks in and finds you all flushed with a hard cock in the room with Me? We better do something about that erection. Without hesitation or embarassment you pull out your cock and I start to rub it with My feet. This is fun. My feet could play with your dick all day but your mom is about to be here. So I turn over to expose My soles as you jerk yourself to the finish on My feet.

Sole Good Saratoga Smoking


I got all set to make a clip smoking a Saratoga cigarette. At the last second I remembered that you would be here so I put My best foot forward. I know how much you love to have access to My perfect foot soles so I decided to let you see one today while I smoked My way through the last clip of the day.

Aunt Nikki's Revenge


Your uncle and I have had a disagreement and He's gone when you arrive to see him. I've got revenge on my mind when I invite you in. After some chit chatting I ask you to sit next to Me and I put My feet on your lap. You ask to rub them and I agree. I soon fall asleep and am awakened by you kissing and licking My feet. I've always known that you had a thing for My feet. I really want to get back at your uncle and you are going to help. I propose that you stand and remove your pants. I love to have My feet worshiped while getting fucked. Are you up for it? Do you want to slide your cock into My pussy while sucking My toes in this virtual sex, foot fetish clip?

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Sole Is It Toe Much?


Sole tell Me footboy, is it just toe much MILF foot perfection on your screen to keep from jerking off? Even though I say nothing in the clip, you're just compelled to do it now. What will be on your weak mind? Paying your Goddess before you jerk it? Sucking toes and licking soles while stroking your cock. As My perfect feet take over your screen, will you imagine sliding your cock between them rather than between your fingers? I understand your need to masturbate to My feet and I approve, so long as you pay Me for the privilege.

Shrunken loser Gets Crushed


The pathetic shrunken loser is back. It appears you have been stuck to My foot as I have been walking all day. your body is broken from it but I really don't seem to care. you are set to inherit a lot of money. I would be inheriting it if not for you. Perhaps I will end you with My ass before the clip is finished and take it all for Myself.

Aching To Cum For My Feet


These perfect MILF feet that own you are above you. I tease you without words initially. About half way through the clip I can tell that your balls are aching. I ask, Are they about to pop? I then start to encourage you to cum for My feet. Imagine that you are covering them with your cum. Let it go, let cum fly then put it away and starting working up another load to spray on My perfect MILF feet.

Stroke When They Wiggle


Want to play a game today. I know how much you like to jerk off to My toes so, how about this... When I wiggle My toes, you stroke your cock. When I stop wiggling, you stop stroking. Sounds like fun doesn't it. I know you look forward to giving Me some cummy toes but, you'll have to wait for the countdown to finish.

My Feet Have Total Control


I made ya wait a little while since My last foot fetish clip. I like to do that sometimes just to fuck with you. I know you come here everyday to see if I posted a new clip of My perfect feet. Well, I had you on My mind today. I decided to take advantage of the control that My feet have over you and make a clip teasing you until your balls are blue then denying you any relief or satisfaction. I know you'll love it because it features My feet and you just can't help yourself when it cums to My feet.

MILF Soles Black Polished Toes


I know that I've made you wait for a little while. Is not seeing a new clip of My feet driving you foot crazy? Well today I'm sitting in yoga pants and wearing socks. I know how bad you want those soft MILF soles on your screen. I won't make you wait ling before I remove My socks, using just My feet of course. Today I'm sporting black polish since it's the most requested color currently. I don't say anything in this clip. Not that you would hear Me anyway as My foot teasing already controls your mind.

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