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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

Friday Night Surprise

It's Friday night and My guy and I are on the couch. He just about to get his usual Friday night handjob. I was on his computer earlier today and I came across a folder called FEET. I opened it and found lots of videos of girls giving guys footjobs. I had no idea that he was into that. I confront him with this information and surpise him with a great footjob. I can tell by his big cumshot that we'll start having Friday night footjobs.

Teacher's footboy

Every year I have a special student. One that likes to stare. Not so much at the other girls in class but rather at the hot MILF teacher. Are you that guy? I know you are. That's why I put so much thought into the outfits that I wear. Short dresses, pantyhose, high heels everything that you like. Maybe you could be My assistant. massage My legs, rub My feet. Do you like feet? Pantyhosed feet? Will you be Teacher's footboy?

Controlling The Boss

In this POV pantyhose, footjob clip you are the boss of the office. I can't help but notice how you're always looking at My feet in heels... letting your eyes work their way up to My pantyhose clad legs and sexy skirts. It's clear, to Me, that I have control over you and now I'm going to make you change some company policies. you have been the guy in charge for so long; but, you are about to give over control to My feet as I begin to work your cock over with them. One oily pantyhose footjob and I'll get everything I want from you.

The Making of a Foot slave

Custom Clip: I begin this clip by seducing you. I tease you with the prospect of fucking My sweet MILF pussy; but, first you'll need to prove yourself to Me. We'll start at My feet. I'll make you touch them, taste them and masturbate for them. Once I've 'got you', I'll light up a cigarette then get more dominant and forceful. I start calling you My slave. I make you masturbate for My feet again. Every time you cum for My feet you get deeper under My spell. Mind, body and soul... I own you now.

Gym Feet Make you Cum

I been at the gym for a few hours working out. I come home to find you right where I expect you to be... laying on the ground at My chair waiting for My sweaty gym feet. That's where this POV Footjob clip starts. I tease your cock with My shoes but, I know that you want more. I remove My shoes and start to tease your cock with My socks. But, it's the barefeet that you want now. That's why you're here. I remove My socks and begin to work your cock over with My sweaty feet. After a bit I put some slick oil on your cock. That's the way I like footjobs... Slick and wet. Besides, you love My oily feet as much as you love My sweaty feet. Now, I really start to perform My footjob magic on your stiff cock until I get a big load of that cum that you have saved up for Me. It gushes out and drips down My toes. I use My feet to get every drop out that I can, then... I dip my toes back into the puddle and cover My toes with cum.

Party Toes

Do ya like those colorful toes? Kinda looks like a party doesn't it? I'll bet they would look really pretty stroking your cock wouldn't they. you would like that wouldn't you. ya wanna fuck those pretty toes don't ya. Think your jizz would make them look just perfect as it drips down My bright, colored toes. Now that's a party.

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Expiration By Foot


Tiny guy gets to do what he's always dreamed of today, worship My Giantess feet; but, at what cost. Finally a chance to kiss My toes, lick My soles and enjoy some foot smother. It's very risky. you could easily be crushed by My perfect foot. It's worth it though. Look how perfect you fit underneath My arch. A real man could never do that. Are you happy now tiny guy? Was it worth it? I hope so. Now, give them one last kiss before I...

Bare Feet Sole Pretty


Pretty bare feet, soft soles and orange painted toes that's everything that you need to blow your load. No talking today just some sweet background beats and two perfect MILF feet teasing with toes and soles. I'll take care of the tease and you do the stroking.

Foot Tease in Pink Sandals


Sexy MILF feet in pretty pink strap sandals is all it'll take to control your fetish today. So easy to tease a footguy like you. It seems that you can never get enough. I'll do it all visually today making sure that I show you all sides of My perfect little feet in sandals.

When I Catch tiny guys


So the story never ends. I always find tiny guys creeping around My personal belongings trying to get close to Me. This time I catch one and bind him to the sole of My foot. I could let him be smothered in My foot odor but I have other plans instead. I'm feeling snacky and this tiny guy might be the perfect nosh. I release him from My Giantess foot and then slip him into My hungry Giantess mouth. Will he stay with Me forever swimming in My belly or will I chew him into tiny pieces to be gone forever?

Pantyhose Sniff and Stroke


Hey there pantyhose sniffer. I've got just what you like today... sweaty, stinky pantyhosed feet that I know you would love to bury your face in. Wanna jerk off for them? Can you imagine them running up and down the shaft of your hard cock? Stroke that cock. When I think you're ready I'm going to give you a countdown to cum.

First Time With MILF Feet


I heard a secret about you. I heard that you have a big foot fetish and have never indulged in it. I just don't understand that. There is no need to keep that a secret around here. I love to have My feet worshiped. Today is your lucky day as I am going to pop your foot fetish cherry, so to speak. The first time is something that you will never forget. I'll warn you now, once you have tasted MILF feet nothing else will satisfy you. Are you ready to get started with this one-on-one POV foot worship session right now?

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Oh Those Toes


Oh those toes. Do they make you weak? So sexy, so seductive... Get on your knees. Worship them. Kiss 'em. Suck 'em. Oh those pretty toes. They own you. you can't stop thinking about them. you can't even stand to look at your own wife's toes. I'm your only foot Goddess. Even during sex My toes fill your mind. How does it feel to know those toes have complete control? you love it.

Dirty Stinky Flats


Do like dirty stinky shoes, flats in particular? A fan asked Me if he could buy Me a pair of flats and would I wear them and send them back to him dirty, worn and stinky. Of course I obliged. I got these pretty worn in a relatively short time. Wanna see? I'll go ahead sniff them for ya. Whew! They're perfect. I know you wish you could sniff them too. Do you want some like these, My stinky shoe loving footboy?

Always Jerking to Feet


I knew you would come get this one. When was the last time you jerked off and came without at least thinking about feet? That's what I thought, you can't even remember. It's pretty much always My feet too. I love that you need My feet to get off. What would your boss think about you jerking to My feet? Who cares? Whip that dick out and let's get to work. It's time to rub one out to My perfect feet and picture your hot jizz all over them in the end.

Sole Seduction


Can't break your addiction to My feet can you? Just as you think that you are getting it under control I put out this clip. No talking, just perfect, sexy, MILF soles on the screen and Me using them to seduce you and keep you under the spell that you have been under for so long. Perfect soft soles flexing and wrinkled then toe spreading, you just can't look away. It seems that My mental domination of you using only My feet continues.

Sharing in your Foot Fetish


We just hooked up online for a chat session and right away you ask to see My feet. I oblige and just like every foot fetishist. I give you an inch and you want mile. The session ends up staying on feet as you ask Me several questions about My feet and any foot history I have. I answer and then we get to what you really want to see. you want Me to lick My own soles and suck My own toes for you since you're not here. I oblige and describe it. Worshiping My own feet for you gives Me the chance to share in your foot fetish... or maybe it's Me indulging in my own foot fetish.

Jerking For My Sweaty Socks


I've got what you want. Right here inside the shoes that I've been wearing all day. Let Me take one off and show you. oooh sweaty, stinky socks! Are you touching yourself? Sweaty socks do it for you. How about if I instruct and encourage you to jerkoff for My sweaty, stinky socks until you unload all over them. I like that idea, you do to.

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