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I'm glad to see that you're still surfing My site and checking out all of the hot MILF foot fetish video updates that I have posted. It seems to Me that you like what you see. That's a good thing. I'm sure you'll love being a member of My site where you can see My exclusive foot fetish videos. Plus... I have two other fetish sites featuring smoking, pantyhose and femdom pov. When you join one, you get access to all three. What are ya waiting for? It's time to relieve that throbbing cock and those aching balls by rubbing one out to My teasing and instruction.

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These Feet Are Sole Sexy


What do you say you and I share some private, quiet time with My perfect feet today. your foot fetish is so pure that you don't need any words to tell you how to feel. Today I'll have My feet on full display for you. Let yourself go deep into your fetish as I sensually provide soft sexy soles and perfectly polished red toes to your visual cortex. When that signal reaches your brain the link between us will be complete and you will forever be under My foot spell.

Foot Teasing While you Stroke


I made you wait a while. I did it on purpose. I wanted you to build up a really big load for Me. Now that your balls are really full, it's time to tease you with My perfect MILF feet while instructing and encouraging your masturbation. I'll use My soft, crossed soles, spread toes and sultry voice to lead you to a huge explosion of cum. Are you ready to cum for My perfect feet right now?

Which Makes your Dick Twitch


Hey there foot lover, I've got a couple of treats for you today. I'm not just talking about the two perfect feet in front of you. I know how some of you really love to see Me smoke while I tease you with My feet. So I ease the box of VS120 from My shirt. I'll bet your dick is twitching now. Which one caused it? No matter today as I'm going to tease you with both as I encourage and instruct your masturbation. Now worship those perfect and inhale My smoke while you stroke.

Stinky Foot Tease and Encouragement


I know what you stinky foot and shoe lovers want. Today I'll take My time teasing you with My sweaty, stinky feet. I've been out running around all day and it seems that I failed to wear any socks. I'll bet the scent is just perfect for you. I see your dick is hard already. Go ahead and stroke it while I tease you. I'll take My shoes off and give you plenty of shoes and feet. Worship while you stroke. I'll even take out My insoles and waft them at you. I know how much you need to cum so I'll give you a countdown to blast a load for My perfect smelly, sweaty feet.

Give Me your Creamy Lotion


Do My feet seem just a little dry today? I could really use some of that special, extra creamy man lotion that only you can provide. I hope that you've saved up a really big load for Me. I know your cock is hard. Pull it out and stroke it for My feet while I instruct and encourage you. I want you to give Me your creamy lotion, all over My soles. When it's time, I'll count down from ten and you can cum for Me.

Foot Show From Below


Today you're one the floor, under My chaise. I'm aware you're there and I know how much you like My feet. No need to talk your ears off today. We both know that your fetish will do all the talking for you when you get a look at some fine MILF feet. So I'll make sure you get good looks from the front, back and both sides. Simple and sexy. Sole toetally perfect for your foot fetish cravings.

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Controlled By your Foot Addiction


Hey footboy. Looks like your back for your footcrack. These perfect feet are so addictive. you just can't help yourself. you must stare. you must fantasize. you must jerkoff off to these perfect MILF feet. Go ahead. Don't deny your addiction. Accept it. Give in to your impulse. Let that cum fly like you were spraying My feet with jizz.

Nap Time At My Feet


It's nap time for Me. I thought you might like the view from the end of My bed. I won't acknowledge you but I am aware that you are there. Perhaps that's why I'm having trouble getting to la la land. I just can't resist teasing you with My feet. It must be instinctive. It takes Me a bit but I finally nod off with you at My feet.

Strappy Teva Flip Flops


If you have perused My sites before you should now that I really love flip flops and if you send Me some I will wear them in a video. That's just what I do in this clip. I won't talk but I will show you these strappy Teva flip flops that a footboy sent to Me. I've never had strappy flip flops before. I'll show you these from all sides to make sure that you get a good look at My perfect feet and tasty toes in these Teva flip flops.

Daily Jerkoff For My Feet


Back for your daily dose of My feet, I see. Well, we both know what that means. you need to jerkoff for My perfect MILF feet, just like you do everyday. In reality, jerking for My feet is better than sex for you. Even when you actually have sex you are still thinking about My feet. Clearly they own your erections. Today I'm going to instruct and encourage you to stroke that erection to a fantastic orgasm while I tease you with foot fetish perfection.

A Triple Treat


Three tasty treats for you today. Sweet perfect barefeet, sexy MILF titties in a lace kimono and Saratoga smoking. Which will captivate your mind today? you love all three so much. Such a treat. Perhaps you'll have to watch it three times so that you can give proper attention to each or your fetishes in this clip. No talking necessary in this one, your imagination, and hands, will be busy enough.

My Army Of Tiny minions


I've assembled My army of tiny minions today for a very important task. I just got a pedicure and the tech did a poor job. I'm deploying My tiny army to do the detail work that was missed. Perfecting the cuticle area and cleaning up any errant polish will be first on the list. I have a very loyal army of minions as you can see here on My nails and toes. They look like tiny specks. It is a job that so many want yet I reserve for a very select group. They serve Me well. I know that you want to be one of them. you must know, like they do, that at any time I could spray a bit of hairspray to stick them in place. I could polish over them then grind and file them into tiny dust particles and assemble a whole new army. Are you ready for that life?

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