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Hey footboys, I'm Erotic Nikki Ashton, welcome to My foot fetish site where I create and satisfy foot fetishes and fantasies. Are you looking for some real hot POV foot fetish videos? My feet are always ready. They're the softest soles and the most suckable toes you will find. But don't let that fool ya. They will dominate you and always leave you begging for more. Wanna masturbate while looking at toes and soles? I'll tease you with My perfect feet and instruct you to jack off for Me! Gotta hot creamy load to spew all over My toes right now?

StepMom Exposes your Foot Fetish

In this POV foot fetish, masturbation encouragement clip, you are My stepson. I ask you to do Me a favor and rub My feet for just a bit. Things start when I notice the way you behave when it comes to My feet. They progress when I call you out for your fetish. I push you even more when I see your touching your dick while touching My feet. I'm then surprised... and turned on when you ask Me if it's ok for you to masturbate... and cum for your StepMom's feet.

A Most Excellent Footjob

you never thought that you would end up on My bed. you've heard that I was the Queen of all things footjob but you never really believed it. Now you're here. I'm not going to say anything to try and convince you. I'm just going to start by doing what I do very well. After a little lube and some handy work, the moment of truth has finally arrived. Will you be able to keep yourself composed? Don't worry. I will control you. I know how to give intense pleasure without getting you anywhere near the edge. Leaving you with no chance of ejaculating until I am ready for you to do so. I manipulate your cock with My feet and occasionally a stroke of My hand. I keep this up without giving you a break for more than 20 minutes. The intensity is more than you can stand. you don't want it to end but you can't take anymore. I can see acceptance in your face. you clearly understand that My feet own this cock. Now is the time to finish you. When I finally allow you to ejaculate onto My feet it's more relief than finality as your mind and body have been in sensitivity overload from this most excellent footjob.

Did he Really Lose?

he knew the deal if he lost. he agreed to kiss My feet. Well, I won now it's time to pay up. Trying to talk his way out of it won't work this time. No sex ever again until he kisses My feet. Once I get him on his knees kissing My feet I let him in on a little secret... He can stop acting like he doesn't like My feet. I know the truth. I snooped through his phone and found out that he follows a bunch of foot fetish girls on social media. Plus, he has a lot of creep shots on his memory card. Clearly he has a strong foot fetish which he has been hiding from Me for all these years of marriage. So, I make him suck My toes as I tell him that I think he purposely lost that bet. I can see that I'm in control of him as I make him lick My feet. he will delete his social media and all his pictures now because My feet completely own him.

Tiny Guy Likes Feet

Look at you. Aren't you just the cutest little tiny guy. It seems to Me that you have a fetish for feet. Good, because I like to tease tiny guys like you with My feet. Are you looking at My pussy? you'll never get to go there, you're too small to do anything for Me. Do you dream of Me rubbing your tiny guy cock? I can't. you're just too small. you'll have to stick to My feet.

Those Damn Feet

They've got you again. you just can't resist those damn feet. I know that you try to stay away. you say that you can't buy any more clips for a while, but then you stop by and see the picture and you just have to see those damn feet again. They own you.

Post Workout Foot Worship

We get home from gym day and by the time I get to the room he's already asleep. What better time to make him smell My sweaty feet. I remove My shoes and socks. I place My socks on his face and make him take in the aroma. Then it's sweaty feet time as I place them in his face. This gets him up and he starts to worship My feet, licking My soles and sucking My toes. I didn't think he would like My gym feet but he's not resisting. Nothing like some post workout foot worship fun. I just might have to make this a regular event.

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Latest Updates

What Awaits You


What awaits you, is it a statement or a question? Well I'm not going to say anything, I'm going to be lying on My lounge, naked and barefoot. If you were to walk in to this room you would find Me here in all My glory. you would face a choice of which way to go, North or South. We both know what you would choose. you would go straight to the feet despite what's available at the other end of those legs. you can't help yourself. But, if you're not cumming here then I suppose it's a question. When you get where you're going today... What awaits you?

Excellent Foot Tease and Instruction


I know what footguys like. I know what you like. It's not the shoes so let's take them off. What? It's not the socks? Well, let's take them off as well. you want to see what's inside My shoes and socks. you crave those delicious toes and soles. you love it when I tease you with them and that's just what I'm going to do today. you prolly have an image of them printed out so that you can cum on them. I'll bet your jerking off to them right now. Go ahead. I love that you jerk off to My feet all the time. Follow My instructions and encouragement right now until you virtually cum all over My feet at the end of My countdown.

Fire When Ready


All it take is My feet on the screen to get you hot. That's what you said so here they are. Do you want to touch it? Go ahead and touch that dick and start stroking it. I know you want to shoot your load all over My feet. Fire when ready.

Tiny Guy Between My Toes


Hey there My tiny one. I haven't seen you in quite some time. Of course it's not that easy to see you anyway as you are so very, very small. Have you been enjoying the peaks and valleys of My feet and toes? I know you have. I'll bet that you're stroking that tiny penis of yours right now aren't you. Do you think that I'll notice that teeny tiny amount of cum?

Stiff Dick For MILF Feet


In this POV foot fetish clip you are a friend of My son and have snuck into My room whilst I was starting a cam show. I notice and halt the show to adress you. I know that you have come in hoping to get a free show of some big MILF titties but all you can expect from Me is My feet. That should make you leave but it doesn't. It becomes clear that you are a little foot perv as I can see that you have a stiffy in your pants. I insist that you show it to Me as it appears to be quite large. I'm very impressed by it and have you masturbate it for Me. When I'm ready I countdown from 10 for you to cum onto My perfect MILF feet before telling you to get the fuck out.

OMG you Have A Foot Fetish


Are you ready for the Memorial Day picnic? I'm just about ready to go. What do ya think about Me wearing these high heels? What do mean I should go barefoot? Why are you always suggesting that I go barefoot? do you have a thing for feet or something? OMG you do! you have a foot fetish. Is it because of Me? Did I do it to you when we were growing up because of all those times that I put My feet on you? It is because of Me? What can I say? you have a foot fetish because of your big sister.

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What Will you Do?


you walk in to find Me lying on My stomach in an outfit that shows just the right amount of ass. My feet are cock high. My toes are painted in your favorite blue polish. There's sultry music playing. I don't say anything. What's going on? Have I set this up as some sort of a surprise? A treat? Is it a test? What are you supposed to do? Should you indulge in My feet. After all, I know how much you love feet. Are My feet is this position because I want you to fuck them? I likely just want to lie here and put on a foot show for you while you rub one out yourself? What do I want you to do? What will you do?

All You Need Is Feet


Remember when you used to look at hardcore porn to fap? All hardcore all the time, then one day the camera just happened to pan past the girls foot. At that instance something triggered in your mind a very pleasant and arousing memory. After that you started paying attention to the feet of the girl. Soon after that you didn't even need the hardcore or even the nudity. Now, all you need is feet to get hard. Feet is what you seek when you need to rub one out like you're doing right now. Can you feel yourself becoming My footboy as you stroke your cock to My feet? Are you ready to cum?

My Teal Havaianas Flip Flops


Every girl needs a pair of havaianas flip flops, at least that what I hear. Thanks to an adoring foot fetish fan, I have a couple of pairs. These are My teal ones. I thought you might like them. I'm not talking in this one but you'll see My pretty MILF feet with inside and outside arches, flip flop dangling and flip flop slapping against My heel. Absorb that visual stimuli then let your imagination take you away.

My Boss Feet Control you


Once again the girls in the office have complained of your leering. Always checking out their high heels, legs and feet in pantyhose. Clearly you have a fetish for these things. I have to put a stop to this behavior. Going forward you will only have one woman to stare at. One pair of feet to lust over. One woman will control if and when you get access to feet. One woman now controls your erection and your orgasms. I'm now your Owner as well as your Boss. Welcome to your new life at work.

Finish On My Flip Flops


In this POV handjob clip I noticed that My man is staring at My feet in pink flip flops. I let him know that I have a treat for him. I'm going to let him cum all over them. I jerk him off using several different hand positions. I bring him to the edge several times then modify My stroking to prevent him from cumming. When I think that he has had enough I let him go just far enough to ejaculate but not have an orgasm. I can't help but laugh. I said he could cum on My flip flops. I didn't say that he could enjoy it. I give him a good look at his cum on My feet then send him away unsatisfied with his cock still hard and horny. I want him to think about that all day.

Cum Before We Get Caught


I arrive at your house to pick up your mom for some shopping but she's not home yet. I decide to sit on the couch and wait for her. We start talking. I ask you about your 1st year of college and whether any girls there have enjoyed your foot fetish. you tell Me that the only one you told broke up with you because of it. I say that she doesn't know what she's missing. I should know since I caused your foot fetish. I used to rub My feet on your back and mess up your hair with My toes and now feet are what you crave. I can tell from My foot teasing that you still have a big fetish for My feet. Perhaps we can relive some of those times today before your mom gets home. Are you up for it? Take out that big beautiful cock of yours and stroke it for My feet. Oh yeah, just like that. I've got a surprise for ya. Do you want to know what My feet feel like on your cock? Do you want to cum on My feet? Can you cum before your mom gets home?

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